• pak choi 250gm 38% Off
    • pak choi 250gm
      MRP: 65 Rs: 40
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      Pak Choi is a chinese celery cabbage with crisp leaves and stalk. Its flavour is somewhat a mix of mild cabbage and spinach.

    • chinese cabbage 1kg 20% Off
    • chinese cabbage 1kg
      MRP: 87 Rs: 70
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      A delicate, mild and sweet flavour on the tongue, Chinese cabbage, also called Chinese leaves, is an exotic variety of lettuce that has pale, tightly wrapped and succulent leaves.

    • Chow Chow 1 Kg 20% Off
    • Chow Chow 1 Kg
      MRP: 40 Rs: 32
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      Known wordlwide for its delicious seeds, roots, shoots, flowers, leaves and fruit, Chow Chow also known as Chayote, is a roughly pear-shaped, mild flavoured and green vegetable.

    • Lettuce Leaves 100gm 25% Off
    • Lettuce Leaves 100gm
      MRP: 20 Rs: 15
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      Probably the leafiest and greenest of the leafy greens, lettuce is ‘The King’ when it comes to packing a punch of antioxidants and vitamins, which is why it is the second most popular vegetable in the US.

    • Zucchini green 500 gm 17% Off
    • Zucchini green 500 gm
      MRP: 59 Rs: 49
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      Zucchini is a long, slender, cucumber like green vegetable that is also called squash. The green variant has a firm flesh and a mild flavour. 

    • Cabbage Red 1 kg 10% Off
    • Cabbage Red 1 kg
      MRP: 89 Rs: 80
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      With a texture of crispness and juiciness the moment you take the first bite, cabbages are sweet and grassy flavoured with dense and smooth leafy layers. 

    • Zucchini yellow 500 gm 15% Off
    • Zucchini yellow 500 gm
      MRP: 129 Rs: 110
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      Yellow zucchini is a long and slightly fat vegetable, also known as squash. Yellow variant has comparatively softer flesh and tastes sweeter than the green one. 

    • Lettuce Red 250 gm 42% Off
    • Lettuce Red 250 gm
      MRP: 72 Rs: 42
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      With fragile reddish or purplish leaves, Red lettuce has a mild flavour and is less crunchy compared to the green lettuce.
    • Bitter gourd 250 gm 6% Off
    • Bitter gourd 250 gm
      MRP: 32.9 Rs: 30.9
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      The most bitter among all fruits, bitter gourds come with a rough, bumpy and green skin. The off-white translucent flesh tastes crispy with the combination of the bitter seeds that are present inside. 

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