• Apple green premium 1kg 18% Off
    • Apple green premium 1kg
      MRP: 280 Rs: 230
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      Green apples have a pleasing light-green coloured skin with a sweet and sour taste. They contain more fiber, less carbohydrates and sugar than red apples. Premium apples are handpicked by our experts to give you the best quality apples. 

    • Green Kiwi 2 pcs 30% Off
    • Green Kiwi 2 pcs
      MRP: 70 Rs: 49
      No reviews

      Kiwis are oval shaped with a brownish outer skin. The flesh is bright green and juicy with tiny, edible black seeds. With its distinct sweet-sour taste and a pleasant smell, it tastes like strawberry and honeydew melon. 

    • Strawberry 200gm 45% Off
    • Strawberry 200gm
      MRP: 98 Rs: 54
      No reviews

      Extremely juicy and syrupy, these conical heart shaped fruits have seeds on the skin that give them a unique texture. With a blend of sweet-tart flavour, these are everyone's favourite berries.

    • Cape gooseberry 250 gm 7% Off
    • Cape gooseberry 250 gm
      MRP: 42 Rs: 39
      No reviews
      Wrapped in a thin, straw colored, papery skin. These orange-yellow coloured berries have a juicy pulp with numerous, tiny, yellow edible seeds that offer a crunchy texture and a tarty flavour.
    • Plum imported 250gm 13% Off
    • Plum imported 250gm
      MRP: 109 Rs: 95
      No reviews

      The sweet and juicy taste of the dark red imported plums is something that you cannot resist. The Fresho imported plums are sweet and sourced from some of the best growers outside the country. However, they are packaged to ensure you get these in the freshest forms.

    • Guava thai 1 pc 49% Off
    • Guava thai 1 pc
      MRP: 156 Rs: 79
      No reviews

      Thai Guavas are generally the size of a softball with apple green skin that can range from bumpy to smooth. The flesh is white with pale yellow seeds and tends to be drier than the pink type of guavas. Thai guavas are only mildly sweet and have very little fragrance. The crunchy flesh and hard seeds are both edible. 

    • Kiwi  Per Pcs 20% Off
    • Kiwi Per Pcs
      MRP: 50 Rs: 40
      No reviews

      Kiwi or Chinese gooseberry is an oval shaped exotic fruitthat has a fuzzy brown outer skin while the inner flesh is bright green and juicy with edible black seeds. It has a unique tangy-sweet flavor and a pleasant smell. The sugary fruit tastes like a mixture of strawberry, pineapple and banana. Product image shown is for representation purpose only, the actually product may vary based on season, produce & availability.

    • Washington Apple 8PCS 20% Off
    • Washington Apple 8PCS
      MRP: 318 Rs: 254.4
      No reviews

      Apna Mall is our brand of fresh fruits and vegetables which are individually handpicked everyday by our experienced and technically competent buyers. Our buying, storing and packaging processes are tailored to ensure that only the fresh, nutrient dense, healthy and delicious produce reaches your doorstep. We guarantee the quality of all Apna Mall products. If you're not satisfied with the freshness of the items, you can hand them back to our Customer Experience Executive (CEE) for a full refund. Royal gala apples are bright red, thin skinned, white fleshed fruits with a mild sweet flavour and are native to New Zealand.

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