Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Soap Bar 50gm


25.00 24.37.00

Dove is not a soap, it's a beauty bar. With added moisturising cream, this beauty bar cares for your skin, helping it retain its natural moisture and leaving it soft and smooth. It also is enriched with five essential nutrients like vitamin E, C, green tea extract and spring water that not only nourishes and hydrates the skin but also helps in effectively cleaning the skin of all dirt and grime build-up. Dove launched in 1957 in the U.S. with the iconic Dove Beauty Bar, and continues to focus on real care with products that tangibly improve the condition of skin or hair. From the beginning, Dove has drawn inspiration from real, diverse women and celebrates real beauty, which they define as feeling and looking your best. Dove is committed to helping women and girls build positive self-esteem, develop a healthy relationship with beauty, and reach their full potential. Through Dove's Self-Esteem Fund, the brand has provided self-esteem tools and resources to reach over 11 million girls and counting.

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