TRESemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo 580 ml


375.00 300.00

With the TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense Shampoo, you can get salon-style hair in the comfort of your home. It helps reinforce the strength of your hair and it prevents hair fall (due to breakage) so that you can get longer and stronger hair. And, with every hair wash, you can get gorgeous and manageable tresses thanks to its enriching ingredients.

Works Wonders on Damaged and Breakage-prone Hair

Enriched with the wonders of Keratin, this shampoo strengthens your hair and reduces hair fall so that your hair gets a luscious and confident bounce.

Gentle Enough for Regular Use

This shampoo is mild enough to be used regularly without causing damage.

Specially Formulated for Indian Hair

Keeping in mind the hair needs of Indian women, this shampoo has been specially formulated for Indian hair and is suitable for use with oil treatments.

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