Surf Excel Detergent - Liquid, Matic, Front Load - 2 lt Pouch


390.00 340.00

New Surf excel matic liquid front load washing detergent gives you 100% stain removal in washing machines • Faster Stain Removal in Machines - New Surf excel matic liquid detergent with a powerful cleaning technology penetrates stains faster and removes tough stains in machines itself • Easy & Better Dissolution: Being liquid detergent it dissolves quickly in high water level environment of washing machines, reaches stains effortlessly and leaves no residue on clothes or in machines. • Machine Care: Its designed to produce foam as per washing machine type that ensures no clogging and choking of pipes and reduces scaling issues • Superior Fragrance: It ensures that your clothes not only look fresh but also smell fresh • Color Care: It removes tough stains in machines but retains original color of the fabric

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