Lifebuoy Total 10 100% Stronger Germ Protection Soap Bar - 125 gm Pack of 4

Lifebuoy Total 100_%_Stronger_Germ_Protection_Soap_Bar_125_gm_Pack_of_4

104.00 96.00

Everyday we are exposed to heat, dust and germs. These germs may put us at the risk of skin infections like rashes. Thats why you need a natural germ protection soap. Inspired by Mother Nature, Lifebuoy brings to you new Lifebuoy Neem with the power of raw Neem. Neem is known in India for its anti-bacterial properties. Its natural germ protection formula washes away germs to provide 100% better skin protection. Its unique fragrance blends the power of Neem to give you a refreshing shower and provides naturals germ protection to your skin.

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